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  • "I have been using Health Products Distributors’ nutritional supplements in my family medical practice since 1990. I cannot speak highly enough of the excellent quality of these products and their continued benefits to my patients throughout the years. Every product is meticulously designed based on the best current nutritional science and highest-quality ingredients. Although our practice utilizes over a hundred different nutritional and herbal vendors, we rely on HPDI’s products more than any other nutritional supplement company for the quality integrative medical care of our patients."

    William G. Kracht, DO
    FAAFP Diplomat, American Board of Family Medicine
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine
    Department of Family and Community Medicine, Penn State College of Medicine

  • Friends at Health Products Distributors, It is not everyday that we fall in love with someone or something. And as we get older, the experience becomes even more rare, so when it does happen, all the lights come on. Now I am a great lover of people, things and places and even certain concentrated nutritional products like spirulina, iodine, magnesium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. Through the years many people have sent me gazillions of different products to study and experiment with and many of them have been fine indeed. But none of them spoke to my heart or sang the song of love on a deep enough level for me to stand up in front of everyone and sing out loud like I am going to do now.

    I chose Health Products Distributors to carry and produce as many items on my protocol as possible because I can always trust that their products will be of the highest quality, incorporate the latest science, and be most effective for my readers/patients."

    Dr. Mark Sircus

  • "For more than a decade, HPDI has been the sole source of a comprehensive spectrum of micronutrients for my family and myself. I have learned more from HPDI about natural supplements, vitamins, and minerals than any other single source."

    Dr. Denny Crafton, Crafton Family Dentistry
    Vermont Center for Dental Medicine
    Vermont TMJ and Sleep Apnea Center,
    Colchester, Vermont

  • "I have been consulting HPDI and Dr Liers and using HPDI products since the early 90's. I don't know how I can do with out them. I am a retired Nurse Practitioner/Holistic Health Educator for women and most people guess that I am in my 40's. I was born on 6-6-46. I believe it is due to the synergistic support of many different HPDI supplements - especially PRO-C, Olive Leaf Extract, Seed-a-Sept, Myo-Mag, Immune Support, and Creme de Femme that I am/feel and appear youthful and vibrant in spite of a history of chronic yeast in the 80's and chronic pain and PTSD after a traumatic car accident in 1995. Thank you HPDI staff and Thank you dear friend and guide Hank Liers!"

    Lawrice (Recie Checchio) Dolan, RN Retired
    Silver Spring, MD