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  3. Health Products Distributors, Inc. founder Dr. Hank Liers maintains a blog where he and others are posting the latest information and research on HPDI products.
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For more than twenty-three years, Health Products Distributors, Inc. has supplied health care professionals with the highest-quality, most bioavailable nutritional supplements available. At HPDI, we manage all aspects of product design, materials specification, and distribution because we care about the health of our customers! When you purchase our supplements you receive the full support of our whole company.

Dr. Kracht"I have been using Health Products Distributors’ nutritional supplements in my family medical practice since 1990. I cannot speak highly enough of the excellent quality of these products and their continued benefits to my patients throughout the years. Every product is meticulously designed based on the best current nutritional science and highest-quality ingredients."


- William G. Kracht, DO, FAAFP
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine
Dept. of Family and Community Medicine, Penn State College of Medicine
Woodlands Healing Research Center, Quakertown, PA