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    About Health Products Distributors, Inc. (HPDI) and

    Dr. Hank Liers is president and founder of Health Products Distributors, Inc. (HPDI). Since 1988, HPDI has formulated and sold the highest quality nutritional supplements and superfoods available. Currently, we offer nearly 100 products, including many foundational supplements. HPDI is dedicated to providing customers with a wide range of effective products, and unique, innovative nutritional formulas.

    About Hank Liers, PhD

    Fred Liers, PhD (Dr. Hank Liers's son) supports the mission of HPDI through research, product development, technical writing, blogging, copyediting, and content management.

    About Fred Liers, PhD

    HPDI was initially founded in 1984 after Dr. Hank Liers' wife, Joanne, became ill from chemical sensitivities that baffled her medical doctors. Dr. Liers began developing high-purity nutritional supplements she could tolerate that would meet her needs for nutritional support. Joanne's health improved dramatically. Soon others were interested in the high-purity supplements formulated by Dr. Liers.

    As business grew, HPDI in 1988 was established as a company with a unique approach to product formulation. HPDI's approach to formulation emphasizes extremely high-purity, science-based designs that avoid unnecessary excipients and incorporate the latest nutritional research and clinical studies. Read HPDI's statement on product formulation.

    In terms of advanced ingredients, for example, HPDI was among the first companies to incorporate coenzyme vitamins into its formulas beginning in the 1980s. Regarding excpients, HPDI does not allow the use of certain excipients (additives) calcium phosphate, white rice powder, lactose, croscarmellose, starch, povidone, and sucrose. Read HPDI's statement on excipients.

    Beyond developing high-purity, science-based nutritional supplements, HPDI crafts innovative products using unique ingredients created to support optimal health. Innovative design includes using advanced nutrients (e.g., Nrf2 activators, dietary nucleic acids), synergistic ingredients (e.g., Bioperine) for maximal effectiveness, and avoidance of a "shotgun" approach that attempts to include every ingredient known to exert specific effects.

    HPDI's retail website ( has been an online resource for nutritional supplements since 1997. is known by health care practitioners, wholesale buyers, and retail customers alike as a "one-stop" shopping site for obtaining a wide range of the highest-quality nutritional supplements, superfoods, and other health-related products.

    HPDI offers the complete line of 2Docs human-grade pet supplements formulated by Dr. Hank Liers and Randy Aronson, VMD.


    HPDI and its products are best known for advanced formulation and cutting-edge supplement design. As HPDI's chief formulator, Dr. Hank Liers is well known throughout the natural products industry for his expertise in product design having formulated more than 200 different products for HPDI and many other companies. HPDI is looking for health care practitioners and other quality wholesalers and distributors to carry our advanced nutritional supplements and superfoods. View our Practitioners page to apply for a wholesale account.

    REJUVENATE! Superfoods

    Among innovative formulas developed by HPDI are Rejuvenate!™ superfoods, which are the first and only superfoods formulated to provide high levels of dietary nucleic acids (RNA, DNA) for optimal health. Launched in 2007, the line now includes three formulas: Rejuvenate! (original greens), Rejuvenate! PLUS, and Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs. All three provide therapeutic levels of dietary nucleic acids (340–390 mg per serving).

    Dietary nucleic acids are proven to exert beneficial effects on health, as determined by many scientific studies in the 20th-century, especially those conducted by molecular biologist Dr. Benjamin S. Frank (MD, PhD) who wrote about his experiments using humans and animals in several books, including Nucleic Acid Nutrition & Therapy (1977) and his bestseller Dr. Frank's No-Aging Diet: Eat and Grow Younger (1976).

    All Rejuvenate! superfoods are known for their superb taste, but many people prefer PLUS or Berries & Herbs. Rejuvenate! (original greens) is favored by many individuals who are serious about maximal health benefits and who prefer (or don't mind) intensely "green" superfoods. Original is the "greenest" of the Rejuvenate! superfoods containing about 60% chlorella.

    With three different and unique versions, the Rejuvenate! line of superfoods provides for variety in personal taste and flavor options. Many customers like to mix or match Rejuvenate! superfoods. They taste great individually and/or when mixed together. They are excellent for use in smoothies, blender drinks, mixed into juices or water, or to make Rejuvenate! Lemonade. They are also useful for mixing into foods, spreading or sprinking onto foods, or as part of nutritious recipes like superfood bars.

    Rejuvenate! PLUS also provides greens, but is a lighter, naturally sweeter ("sweet greens") superfood that includes high levels of protein and a built-in multivitamin, including coenzyme vitamins. Rejuvenate! PLUS provides the health advantages afforded by greens with great taste and smooth texture.

    Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs provides no greens and was formulated that way to appeal to individuals who either don't enjoy greens or who wish to have variety in superfoods. Berries & Herbs also contains a cell-supportive herbal complex that helps protect and maintain optimal cellular health. Berries & Herbs offers a unique berry flavor and the highest levels of dietary RNA (390 mg per serving) in the Rejuvenate! line.

    See the Rejuvenate! product comparison to learn more about our unique superfoods.

    Ultimate Protector Nrf2 Activator Formula

    Another unique breakthrough specialty formula is Ultimate Protector™, which is a triple-action antioxidant, Nrf2 activator, and non-GMO vitamin C formula providing an astonishing 486,000 ORAC5.0 units per serving (six capsules).

    HPDI sponsors professional cyclist Irena Ossola providing her with Rejuvenate!™ superfoods, Ultimate Protector, and other foundational supplements that support optimal athletic performance.

    Focus on Health Care Practitioners, Retailers & Nutritionally Conscious Individuals

    HPDI specializes in meeting the needs of health care practitioners, such as medical doctors, naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and nutritionists, as well as retailers. We highly encourage health care practitioners and retailers to apply for a wholesale account to carry advanced HPDI products for their clients.

    We offer the same high levels of service to our regular retail customers, including new customers.

    Please feel free to contact us (via phone, email, webform) for orders, questions, comments, or inquiries about wholesale accounts. Toll-free: 1-800-228-4265, E-mail: support(at)


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    (Note: The HPDI blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease, or provide medical advice. Please consult your doctor before undertaking a program of nutritional supplements, exercise, diet, etc.)


    Fred Liers PhD foundational supplements nutritionHPDI foundational supplements are designed to provide a complete range of essential nutrients that complement a healthy diet and lifestyle. They help ensure sufficient levels of nutrients required for good health.

    We define foundational supplements as basic or "core" supplements that should be part of everyone's daily regimen. They are the foundation of a complete nutritional supplement program.

    HPDI offers a three-tiered system of nutritional supplements: Foundational Supplements, Enhancement Formulas, and Specific-Condition Formulas. All three tiers comprise a complete nutritional supplement program.

    When combined properly, these three tiers of nutritional supplements help create optimal health. This month, I explain how to use HPDI foundational supplements, the base or bottom tier of the system (see cone diagram below).

    The HPDI supplement system can be visualized as a cone or pyramid having a base of Foundational Supplements ascending toward an apex of Enhancement Formulas and Specific Condition Formulas.

    foundational supplements HPDI system The HPDI Supplement System includes six types of Foundational Supplements forming its base.


    My intent is to guide health care professionals and consumers to decide the foundational supplements that are best for their purposes, and that provide the most effective results.

    For anyone new to HPDI's Foundational Supplements system, we recommend six basic types of supplements. The six categories are: 1) multivitamin formulas, 2) vitamin C / antioxidant formulas, 3) essential fats, 4) high-RNA foods (Rejuvenate! superfoods), 5) gut health formulas, and 6) hydrogen formulas.

    We established the original three types of foundational supplements about 1988. We have always suggested that clients and health professionals take and/or recommend multivitamins, vitamin C and antioxidants, and essential fats.

    About 10 years ago, we added high-RNA foods (like Rejuvenate! superfoods) as a fourth type of foundational supplement because research indicates dietary nucleic acids are essential nutrients—see our blog articles on nucleic acids, Benjamin S. Frank, MD, PhD, and about Rejuvenate! superfoods (Original, Plus, and Berries & Herbs).

    Two categories of foundational supplements are new: gut health formulas and hydrogen formulas. Hank wrote an article (Amending the HPDI Foundational Program) about these changes in April. We added these two categories after much consideration regarding their benefits, and have written extensively about them in this blog (see resources section below).

    The entire HPDI supplement system is depicted (above) as a cone. The six types of foundational supplements form the base of the cone. Enhancement Formulas and Specific-Condition formulas sit above toward the apex.

    ultimate protector foundational supplements Ultimate Protector Nrf2 formula is a foundational supplement in the vitamin C / antioxidant category.


    I recommend using all six types of HPDI foundational supplements. I personally take the following supplements (below) and present them here as an example of how they can be integrated into a complete supplement regimen. Foundational Supplements I take:

    1. Multivitamin: Hank & Brian's Mighty Multi-Vite! (4 per day in divided doses)

    2. Vitamin C / antioxidants: PRO-C (6-8 per day) and Ultimate Protector Nrf2 activator (8-12 per day)

    3. Essential Fats: Essential Fats Plus E (4 per day)

    4. Rejuvenate!™ superfood: All three Rejuvenate! superfoods (2-8 scoops per day)

    5. Gut Health: RESTORE For Gut Health (1-2 ounces per day) and Prescript-Assist™ probiotic (soil-based organisms) (1-3 per week)

    6. Hydrogen: Megahydrate (2-6 per day)

    Taking one supplement from each of the six foundational supplement categories builds, supports, and maintains optimal health.

    We at HPDI recommend everyone take one of each type of foundational supplement. That is, we suggest an individual select for personal use a multivitamin, vitamin C/antioxidant formula, essential fats formula, Rejuvenate!™ superfood (or other high-RNA superfood), hydrogen product, and at least one gut health product (depending on their gut-health needs).

    Similarly we suggest health care professionals recommend for their clients one of each of the six types of foundational supplements.

    The other two categories in the HPDI nutritional supplement system are Enhancement Formulas and Specific-Condition Formulas (see cone diagram). These are not foundational supplements. However, I include the supplements I take in these categories for the sake of completeness, as well as to show how Enhancement and Specific-Condition Formulas integrate with Foundational Supplements to form a complete supplement program providing a wide-range of essential nutrients required for health.

    Enhancement Formulas I take include: B-Complex-50 (B complex), Myo-Mag (magnesium/malic acid), Ubiquinol-50, Bone Guardian, and Vitamin D3 Plus.

    Specific Condition Formulas I take include: Joint Health Formula, Allergy Support Formula, Eye & Vision Formula, Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula, and Warrior Mist (pain topical), and Warrior Sleep (sleep topical).

    While I take supplements from all three categories (Foundationals, Enhancements, and Specific-Condition) in the HPDI supplement system, I always prioritize foundational supplements—I take them first—because they are base on which my personal supplement program rests.

    Foundational supplements should be the base on which your supplement program—or those of your clients—rests, as well.

    We have seen the results of taking a complete set of foundational supplements. They work because the nutrients they provide are needed by everyone.

    foundational supplements multivitamin Muti Two Caps is a high-potency multi with coenzyme forms for optimal utilization in the body.


    Individuals who take all types of foundational supplements do best in terms of optimizing health. The reason is that all six types provide nutrients required for good health.

    I can attest that HPDI Foundational Supplements are effective for improving or maintaining good health. In addition, I have witnessed numerous instances where individuals benefit most greatly when taking all four–and now all six–types of foundational supplements.

    Each of the six categories of foundational supplement provide unique benefits. Yet, each performs functions required by the human body for good health. That is one reason when they are combined they exert synergistic effects for health going far beyond the benefits of using, one, two, or three of the types of foundational supplements.


    I talk to people who may or may not take a multivitamin. And they may or may not take vitamin C. Yet, they may take calcium for their bones, glucosamine for their joints, and lutein for their eyes. Or they may take a low-potency, off-the-shelf multivitamin providing merely the RDA for all nutrients.

    There is nothing wrong with individuals taking supplements they regard as important or useful. But that cannot guarantee that a wide range—and sufficient levels—of nutrients necessary for health are available to the body on a regular basis.

    In fact, I regard the supplement intake programs of most persons to be "hit-or-miss." They may consume nutrients important for a few functions in the body, yet fail to obtain other essential nutrients required for the nutrients they take to work most effectively. We have written extensively on this topic on our website and in blog articles (see below).

    Not taking regularly a complete set of foundational supplements likely means key nutrients (and key levels of nutrients) go missing. Over time, this means fewer and lower levels of nutrients available to support the body's needs for them at levels known to sustain the good health.

    The best way to ensure a sufficient range of nutrients at plentiful levels is to take foundational supplements. After a baseline of nutrients is established by taking foundational supplements, additional supplements can be added, as necessary.

    rejuvenate superfood foundational supplements High-RNA foods like Rejuvenate! PLUS superfood provide dietary nucleic acids important for health.


    After obtaining sufficient levels of basic nutrients required for health, then a person can add (or you can recommend) specific nutrients or formulas that target certain problems or issues. This is the basis for HPDI development of Enhancement Formulas and Specific-Condition Formulas.

    Nutritional supplements in the categories of Enhancement Formulas and Specific-Condition Formulas therefore "stack" on top of HPDI's Foundational Supplements (see cone diagram above). In this way, a complete nutritional supplement program begins with the most essential nutrients and continues with customizations based on the unique needs of an individual.


    Enhancement Formulas in the HPDI system are supplements we regard as falling into the next tier in terms of importance, at least for most people. They do not necessarily provide essential nutrients, and yet many people (including myself) benefit significantly from them.

    Enhancement Formulas include: magnesium formulas (topical and capsule), Vitamin D3 Plus, Nascent Iodine, Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), mushroom-based products (like Immune-Assist™), Prolyt (proteolytic enzymes), Digase (plant-based enzymes), and Warrior Mist (topical pain reliever), and many other formulas.


    In the HPDI system, individuals can add (in a modular way) various formulas and single nutrients designed to support a particular set of needs or a target a specific condition.

    We offer a complete range of supplements (almost 100) including a range of supplements formulated to address specific conditions. These include Joint Health Formula, Eye & Vision Formula, Blood Sugar Support, Allergy Support, Prosta Plus, Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula, and many other formulas.


    HPDI Foundational Supplements collectively form the base tier of a complete nutritional supplement system comprised of three tiers: 1) Foundational Supplements (six types), 2) Enhancement Formulas (or simply "Enhancements"), and 3) Specific-Condition Formulas.

    Foundational Supplements are necessary because they provide nutrients foundational to health. Taking them daily or recommending your clients take them daily can help mean big differences in health, nutrition, and quality of life.

    We at HPDI design our nutritional supplements to be the most effective dietary supplements available. HPDI products are known for: 1) Advanced Formulation (including use of superior forms of nutrients), 2) Ultra-High Purity, 3) Avoidance of Harmful Ingredients, and 4) being made with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). For more details, please see The HPDI Difference and our Statement on Additives (Excipients).

    At least 40 of HPDI's products are formulated by Dr. Hank Liers. They fall in all categories in HPDI's supplement system. They can be found under "Dr. Hank Liers original formulas."

    omega plus foundational supplement Omega Plus provides exceptionally well-balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.


    We frequently get questions from HPDI clients and resellers regarding foundational supplements. These questions include:

    "Why did you add gut health and hydrogen products to your foundational supplements program?"
    We found it necessary to add categories for gut health and hydrogen because they provide nutrients that are support the body and help ensure the foundational supplement system supports health most effectively. You can read more in previous blog articles (see below).

    "Which is the better multivitamin: Multi Two or Mighty Multi-Vite!™?"
    It depends on whether you need more B vitamins or antioxidants. Multi Two provides more B vitamins and Mighty Multi-Vite™ provides more antioxidants and cofactors. I take a separate HPDI B-Complex-50 formula, so I take Mighty Multi-Vite!™ as my primary multivitamin.

    "What are the differences between Rejuvenate!™ Original, PLUS, and Berries & Herbs superfoods?"
    They each provide about 340 mg of dietary nucleic acids. Original is the "greenest" with a large percentage of dietary nucleic acids coming from chlorella and spirunlina. PLUS is our most popular and 30% is identical to Original with more protein and a built-in multivitamin complex. Berries & Herbs contains no greens, yet more nucleic acids (390 mg), protein, and a built-in multivitamin. See our Rejuvenate! comparison page for more information.

    "Should I take a vitamin C formula with antioxidants like PRO-C or one with Nrf2 activators like Ultimate Protector?"
    Both provide vitamin C and Nrf2 activators, but Ultimate Protector provides more types of Nrf2 activators. Ultimate Protector capsules are smaller than PRO-C capsules, so a daily dose may require taking more capsules.

    "How important are hydrogen supplements?"
    Very important for energy production, recovery, antioxidant functions, and gut health. Hydrogen supplements like Active H2 and Megahydrate ensure high levels of hydrogen are available in the body.

    What are your best products for supporting gut health?
    It depends on your needs: cleansing (Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula), probiotic/microbiome support (Prescript-Assist™), or tightening tight junctions in the gut (RESTORE)? We offer products for all these purposes.

    These are just a few questions frequently asked about HPDI foundational supplements. If you need more information about products, please contact the HPDI office (800-228-4265) or email

    You can also contact Fred Liers, PhD (520-400-0155) or Hank Liers, PhD (formulator) with questions you may have regarding specific products, single nutrients, or formulation.


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