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    Fred Liers PhD ACAM 2016 College Advancement MedicineA few months ago, my father Hank Liers, PhD wrote "Discovering Nutritional Needs Through Advanced Genetic Testing." His article details the potential of nutritional genomics for identifying nutrient deficiencies that may be corrected using diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements.

    HPDI is collaborating with Bodysync, Inc. whose genetic tests provide detailed information to individuals regarding their genes. Individuals are tested through their health care professionals. By working together, health care professionals and their clients/patients can effectively integrate the genetic test results into a total plan for achieving optimal health.

    In this regard, Bodysync, Inc. has developed a comprehensive genetic testing system. Their test not only provides detailed genetic results for an individual, but the test results are matched with lifestyle and diet information provided the individual to create a complete Genetic Nutrition and Fitness Assessment.

    Thus, Bodysync's system offers genetic test results and targeted recommendations for diet, nutrient intake, and exercise that are based on a review of the results of genetic testing and information provided by clients regarding lifestyle and diet.

    Benefits of BodySync Action Plan Proven benefits of the Bodysync Action Plan include lower fasting glucose levels and BMI stability related to improved compliance.

    HPDI and BodySync, Inc. are collaborating in order to provide recommendations for nutritional supplements that best help patients meet their nutritional needs (and correct deficiencies when necessary) using the genetic information provided by BodySync's nutrition and fitness assessment.

    Using BodySync's Action Plan, health professionals can provide specific recommendations for supplements that match the nutritional needs of patients, according to criteria established in BodySync genetic and fitness assessment, which is based on established science.


    The BodySync genetic test results report provides a list of 45 different gene variations according to their location and genotype, as well as the presence of insertions or deletions in three instances.

    Individuals tested receive their genetic test results as part of their Action Plan. Health care professionals receive their client's test results, as well. The genetic test results report look like this:

    body sync genetic test results report The Genetic Test Results Report provides information on 45 genes.

    The Bodysync genetic test targets well-researched genes. It focuses on key genetic variations having implications for determining which nutrients and specific exercises may benefit patients, based on genetic science.

    Specific genes and groups of genes known to affect various measures of health are analyzed and result in a comprehensive report that utilizes scientific knowledge regarding genes to make recommendations for diet, nutrient intake, exercise, and other lifestyle factors.

    BodySync's testing system is impressive because it gives you concrete steps you can take to improve health based on science.

    One notable benefit is that different members in a given family can compare test results to see which genes they have given or inherited, and develop diet and lifestyle plans unique to themselves designed to optimize their health based upon their individual genetics.

    I took their test, and so did my wife, my son, and my father, Hank Liers, PhD. It turns out that I am very similar genetically to my father. Yet, my son has more genetic genetic traits in common with my wife than he does with me.

    We therefore have gained insights into how we can better our health and the recommendations vary considerably between us. This gives us improved understanding of how we can best support each other in the process of optimizing our diets and lifestyle as individuals.

    One size does not fit all. I better recognize that factors supporting the optimal diet and lifestyle of another person may be very different from those that support mine. And knowing those factors helps me support their efforts to create the diet and lifestyle that optimizes their health.

    executive_summary bodysync genetic test Bodysync's Action Plan provides an executive summary tailored to the individual based on scientific analysis of their genetics and lifestyle.

    The NutriSync Action Plan interprets the scientific research on each patient’s genetic variations to set specific lifestyle goals for that individual. These goals are compared with online NutriSync lifestyle survey answers provided by patients.

    Based on this comparison, patient Action Plans provide individuals with an actionable guide in order to help increase the potential effectiveness of their diet and exercise programs. Another advantage of the NutriSync Genetic Test results is that they meet the high-quality standards demanded by rigorous regulatory oversight.

    dna_assessment_summary DNA Assessment Summary provides a snapshot of lifestyle and BMI relating genes to nutrition, diet, and exercise.

    The Gene Guide indexes genes having an impact on specific body functions. It then provides recommendations for diet, supplements, exercise, etc. that support those body functions optimally.

    bodysync__nutrisync_gene_guide The Gene Guide indicates genes with impact for an individual and identifies dietary and nutritional actions to support genetic potential.

    The DNA Primer describes specific genes and their variations and how this affects recommendations for the individual in term of diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

    dna_primer genetic test bodysync nutrisync The DNA Primer pinpoints genes and gene combinations and describes lifestyle modifications specific to an individual.


    The test results include a detailed nutritional and lifestyle report that shows the patients' current status relative to their optimal nutritional and lifestyle goals. This report includes sections on B Vitamins, Antioxidants, Bone Integrity, Glucose Balance, Cardiovascular, and Detoxification.

    All sections of the Action Plan provide specific recommendations for nutrients and lifestyle changes based on a patient's specific genes and gene combinations, as well as current intake amounts reported on the diet and lifestyle questionnaire. Below is screenshot of the section on glucose balance in the Nutrition Report.



    Health care professionals can order test kits directly from HPDI, as well as ordering supplements matched to Bodysync test results.

    Health professionals first register on the BodySync website where they are approved as an HPDI-related reseller. Be sure to mention "HPDI" in your application. I will discuss more about how to do that below.

    The next step is for you to recommend this test to your patients. Alternatively patients may seek a health care professional—like you—who offers the test. Patients may request their health professional to offer the test.

    Health care professionals can obtain tests directly from HPDI or Bodysync. Before ordering tests, health professionals can learn more about the test or register on the BodySync website.

    Having obtained a test through a health professional, patients register their test online and take a detailed questionnaire covering their diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors. Then they swab their cheeks, and submit their genetic material via prepaid FedEx mailer.

    Patients use two cotton swabs (included in the test kit) to obtain genetic material by rubbing the swabs between the cheek and gum (one minute per swab for each cheek). Patients then seal the swabs in an envelope and send via prepaid FedEx mailer to Bodysync. The mailer can be taken to any FedEx pickup station or dropped in any FedEx box within 24 hours.

    The patient can complete the entire test at home. Registering the test and taking online questionnaire can be completed in 20-30 minutes. Swabbing and sealing swabs takes just two or three minutes.

    Bodysync Nutrisync genetic assessment Tests include swabs and patient registration instructions.

    Health professionals who provide the test gain full access to their clients genetic test results and Action Plan. This way, approved health professionals can guide their clients in terms of diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle factors so they can use their test as a means to improve their health.

    The genetic test is an ideal way for health professionals to develop and support a comprehensive plan for their clients that can help ensure compliance in diet, nutrition, exercise, and supplement use.

    Patients will readily see how they benefit from dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on genetics, and gain a clear action plan. Health professionals will find the test a useful tool for guiding their patients and for supporting their quest for better health.

    We at HPDI are excited to be working with Bodysync, Inc. to provide health professionals with test results and Action Plans that can help make a difference in their clients' health and lifestyle. We hope soon the test results will be matched to various HPDI products so that nutritional needs can more easily met on a daily basis.

    HPDI highly recommends this test for health professional who wish leverage in-depth genetic analysis and a comprehensive action plan based on genetic science to help their patients achieve higher levels of health. Learn more about how you can provide the Bodysync genetic test to your patients.

    Purchase Bodysync test kits from HPDI for $249.95.


    HPDI resellers wishing to purchase tests should first register as a health professional on, and mention HPDI in the registration. Once approved by Bodysync to administer the test, you can purchase test kits from HPDI or from Bodysync. Below is a graphic illustrating the process:



    Q: Who can provide Bodysync/Nutrisync genetic tests?
    A: Only approved health professionals registered on the Bodysync website. Mention HPDI during the registration process so your account can be associated with HPDI. HPDI offers the kit for $249.95.

    Q: As a health professional should I order test kits from HPDI or Bodysync?
    A: You can order from either HPDI or Bodysync by website or phone.

    Q: Will I have access to my patient's or client's test results?
    A: Yes, you will receive full test results for your clients at the same time or before they receive it. You will have complete access to their test results and Action Plan.

    Q: Can my clients order test kits themselves?
    A: Patients and clients must have their test administered by a health professional registered by Bodysync. Any retail customer who orders a test kit (i.e., not through a health professional) still must go through the standard testing process via an approved Bodysync health professional. Health professionals who wish to provide/carry the test should register on the Bodysync website.

    Purchase Bodysync test kits from HPDI for $249.95.


    HPDI Bodysync page for health professionals

    Purchase tests on HPDI reseller website

    Health professional registration and login page for Bodysync testing

    Bodysync homepage

    MyNutrisync (test kit registration for patients/clients/end-users)

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products

    Dr. Hank Liers, PhDWe frequently receive questions about our products and share the answers with you on our blog. If you have questions please e-mail us at We will answer your questions directly, and likely include your question and our answer in a future FAQ blog article.


    Q. How Much Protein is in Rejuvenate! Plus and What are the Sources?

    rej-plus-product-includesA. The protein (11.7 gm total per serving) profile in Rejuvenate! Plus is 30% rice protein (organic & non-GMO), 16% vegetable sprouts/pea protein (organic), 11% hemp protein (organic), 11% protein from chlorella, 9% protein from alfalfa grass, 7% from spirulina (Hawaii Pacifica), 6% from flax seeds (organic), 3% from nutritional yeast, and the rest from miscellaneous other ingredients. This is a beautiful blend of a large number of healthy protein sources!!

    The rice protein we do use amounts to 5.0 gm per 31 gram serving and is a blend of 80% Orzatein (organic) from China and 47.5% non-gmo grown in California. The net amount of the 80% orzatein (organic) from China in the product is 3.3 grams (a small amount!). Please be advised that we routinely test Rejuvenate! Plus for heavy metals and have never seen significant amounts of any heavy metals.

    Personally, four members of my family including me take 1 or 2 servings of Rejuvenate! Plus daily and have done so for many years with excellent results. We are very particular about the foods we put in our body!!

    Q. What are the Sources of Enzymes, Soy, and Vitamin D3 in Rejuvenate! Plus?

    A. The enzymes are plant based. Protease Enzymes from Aspergillus oryzae ferment. Cellulase Enzymes from Trichoderma oryzae ferment. Alpha-Galactosidase enzymes from Aspergillus niger ferment. CereCalase enzymes (contains hemicellulase, beta-glucanase & phytase) from Aspergillus niger ferment.

    The product contains d-alpha tocopheryl succinate. This ingredient is characterized as "soy-antigen free" because of the way it is processed. PCR testing reveals no soy protein even though it originally comes from soy. High-gamma mixed tocopherols is characterized as "soy-antigen free" because of the way it is processed. PCR testing reveals no soy protein even though it originally comes from soy.

    The Vitamin D3 is extracted from lanolin. Lanolin is extracted from wool (sheep).

    Q. What Form of Vitamin B3 is in Rejuvenate! Plus and will It Cause Flushing?

    A. There is 40 mg of the B3 in Rejuvenate! Plus as niacinamide. This form of B3 will not cause flushing.

    Q. What Part of the Aloe Vera Plant is in Your Rejuvenate Plus Product?

    A. Rejuvenate! Plus contains Organic ActivAloe® 200:1 from gel that is made into a powder.

    Q. Do Your Rejuvenate! Products Contain Any Nut or Soy Allergens?

    Rejuvenate! OriginalA. I checked with the manufacturer and was assured that there is no soy or nut allergens in the Rejuvenate, Rejuvenate Plus, or Rejuvenate Berries & Herbs products.

    Q. How Do You Make Rejuvenate! Original Lemonade?

    A. Rejuvenate! Original lemonade consists of one scoop of Rejuvenate! Original, 2–3 tablespoons of organic lemon juice (fresh or Santa Cruz brand), and 2–3 tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup. Put these ingredients in a one-quart glass Mason jar and fill with purified water (and maybe some ice made from purified water). Some people like to add a bit of cayenne. This is a great summertime drink!

    Q. How Much Rice Bran Oil is in Complete E?

    A. There is approximately 250 mg of rice bran oils per capsule in addition to the Vitamin E. The profile of fatty acids is approximately 38% monounsaturated, 37% polyunsaturated, and 25% saturated fatty acids. This amounts to about 100 mg of polyunsaturated fatty acids per capsule. Very little, but useful!

    Q. I Want to Know More About the Black Soybean Hull Extract in Ultimate Protector.

    up-product-includesA. Black soybean hull extract contains a high percentage of polyphenols (greater than 60% and as high as 100%) including 10–45% anthocyanidins, 10–25% catechins, and 40–80% OPC. There is unlikely to be any soy protein or phytoestrogens in the product due to the extraction processes used. (see:

    Q. I Want to know How Much Caffeine is in Ultimate Protector.

    A. A study done on CoffeeBerry extract shows a 0.44% caffeine content. Since each capsule contains 45 mg of the extract the amount of caffeine per capsule is about 0.2 mg. (see:

    Q. I Want to Know More About the Blue Corn Extract in Ultimate Protector, and if it contains aspergillus mold.

    A. Ultimate Protector contains an extract of blue corn optimized for the anthocyanidin content. Due to the extraction process, it is unlikely that the final material contains any aspergillus. Also, since there is only a small amount of blue corn extract in the product (I estimate less than 5 mg per capsule) it is even more unlikely that aspergillus is a problem.

    Q. Does the Vitamin C in Ultimate Protector contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?

    A. The process of producing Vitamin C involves using the starting material of d-glucose derived from plant materials such as corn, beets, potatoes, cassava, etc. (see: Each of these starting materials will contain some protein that could be in part from genetically modified materials. In most cases—especially in the production of USP grade materials that we use in Ultimate Protector™—the protein will be completely removed. As a precaution that no genetically modified protein remains, PCR testing is conducted (see: The Vitamin C we use in Ultimate Protector™ has been tested using this method, and is certified by independent laboratories to contain no GMOs.

    Q. Is There Any Vitamin E in Ultimate Protector Product?

    A. There is no Vitamin E in Ultimate Protector. The Vitamin C per cap is 250 mg which is 415% of the Vitamin C RDA. Once in the body, the Vitamin C is able to regenerate oxidized Vitamin E to its unoxidized form. The other main ingredients in Ultimate Protector are plant-based antioxidants (external) and other plant-based substances (called Nrf2 activators) that stimulate the body to make it own antioxidants (internal). In this regard, it is a very powerful supplement!

    Q. What are the Plant Sources in Ultimate Protector that provide High ORAC5.0 Values?

    A. There are six ingredients that provide high ORAC values. Three of these ingredients (AnthoComplete®, VitaBerry® Plus, and VitaVeggie®) are a mixture of extracts from a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Below each of the ingredients are listed along with website/product information:

    1) AnthoComplete® from Futureceuticals (™),
    2) CoffeeBerry® Forte from Futureceuticals (,
    3) VitaBerry® Plus from Futureceuticals (®),
    4) VitaVeggie® from Futureceuticals (®),
    5) Resveratrol (98% min.) is derived from the Giant Knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) (>97% trans form),
    6) Curcumin (95% min. curcuminoids) from Sabinsa (

    All of these sources are non-GMO. None of our sources claim organic. This in part may be because they are extracts and as such may have been processed in a manner not considered to be organic. Please consider that this is a nutritional supplement and not a food.

    Q. What Form of 5-MTHF Do You Use in Your Products?

    A. We use only the Quatrefolic form of folate made by the Italian company Gnosis. See: This contains only the active non-racemic form of folate and no folic acid. Quatrefolic®, provides the metabolic reduced form utilized and stored in the human body - (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate.



    Q. Why is the Number of Organisms in Your Prescript-Assist™ Formula Low Compared to Other Probiotics?

    A. It turns out that it's an example of the old story of trying to compare apples to oranges. SBO (soil-based organisms), the type found in Prescript Assist, are much more hardy and not destroyed as easily by pH differences in your stomach and intestines like the traditional Lactic Acid probiotics that have crowded the refrigerators in health food stores for many years.

    Have you noticed that in recent years typical probiotics have gone from 5-10 million CFUs (Colony-Forming Units) to 30-50 million CFUs? Why are all of these probiotic formulas competing on this level? Because lactic-acid based probiotics Prescript Assistare killed off by the millions on their journey through your stomach acids and the pH changes in the intestines. Very few make it to their intended target and even fewer colonize there very well once they make it compared to the sturdier SBOs.

    Soil-Based Organisms (SBO) are extremely hardy and can make this journey with far, far more organisms colonizing their target. They also do not degrade when kept at room temperature for many months. They do not have to be refrigerated like the traditional lactic acid probiotics, which lose their potency and effectiveness quickly when left unrefrigerated or when they are shipped through the mail without dry ice.

    Prescript-Assist goes even a step further by providing prebiotics for the SBOs so that when they arrive in your lower intestinal tract, they have the preferred foods necessary for quick colonization and growth. The 29 strains they have chosen for this product are far more comprehensive than traditional probiotics that have 5-10 strains.

    Q. Is Prescript-Assist Toxic?

    A. Over the last 10 years a very large number of people have taken Prescript Assist with excellent results. The overall statistics say that it works and is generally safe.

    It is true that some people have felt that Prescript-Assist has not helped them and in fact they may feel worse. My assessment of this is that these people have severe gut dysbiosis and experience die-off like symptoms upon taking it. These individuals need to go more slowly and do a detoxification/cleansing program while using Prescript Assist. I recommend taking supplements such as HPDI’s Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula, digestive enzymes (Prolyt and Digase), and Dr. Richard Schultze's Intestinal Formula #1 (if you are blocked, i.e., sluggish bowel).

    Also, doing a juice flush could be important. So many people have a lifetimes's buildup of fecal matter in their systems. Taking a single pill alone is not the solution. Doing an overall cleansing and having a good nutritional program is important for most people. Some professionals recommend that after an initial round of Prescript-Assist you only need to take a few capsules per week to maintain a healthy gut bacteria profile. You can read more about it here:

    Q. What is the Purity of Fish Liver Oil in Your Vitamin D3 Plus Product?

    A: I am always careful when formulating any product to minimize any potential toxins. Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A from fish liver oils, as are found in the HPDI Vitamin D3 Plus formula, are highly concentrated sources which means that only milligram amounts are needed. This in itself means that there would be very low levels of toxins. This is verified by testing that shows mercury levels of less than 0.003 ppm, lead levels of less than 0.005 ppm, cadmium levels of less than 0.002 ppm, and arsenic levels of less than 0.004 ppm. By 'less than' it means the amounts are below the detection limits. Very low, indeed!

    Q. Can the Licorice in Your Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula Cause High Blood Pressure?

    irf-product-includesA. The licorice in Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula is from the powdered root of organically grown licorice. Each serving contains 40 mg. It is highly unlikely that this amount of the whole root could cause blood pressure issues.


    Dr. Hank Liers, PhD vitamin D3 Plus question answer

    I often receive questions about various HPDI products. This month, I want to answer a question I got about our Vitamin D3 PLUS supplement.

    It is my hope that periodic answers to your questions may help others when making choices regarding nutritional supplements. HPDI always strives to formulate the highest purity and highest quality supplements available. Please read about our four-pillar Approach to Formulation.


    QUESTION: I see the source of the Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A in the product is fish liver oil. Are there any test results available for mercury or other heavy metals?

    HANK: I am always careful when formulating any product to minimize any potential toxins. Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A from fish liver oils, as are found in the HPDI Vitamin D3 Plus formula, are highly concentrated sources which means that only milligram amounts are needed. That by itself means there would be very low levels of toxins.

    This fact is verified by independent testing that shows mercury levels of less than 0.003 ppm, lead levels of less than 0.005 ppm, cadmium levels of less than 0.002 ppm, and arsenic levels of less than 0.004 ppm. "Less than" means the amounts are below the detection limits! Very low levels, indeed. View the test results below.

    Test Results:

    1. Test results for Cadmium, Mercury & Lead:

    2. Test results for Inorganic Arsenic:


    vitamin d3 plus The fish liver oils in Vitamin D3 Plus are exceptionally high in purity.


    Vitamin D3 PLUS is formulated as an advanced Vitamin D3 formula. It incorporates various cutting-edge design features and offers many benefits. Here are some relevant facts about HPDI's Vitamin D3 PLUS:

    • The formula provides Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) from highly purified fish liver oil. We avoid the use of Vitamin D2 because of a greater potential for toxicity, poorer absorption, and reduced effectiveness. Furthermore, we prefer Vitamin D3 in a softgel form. In softgels, the oil is incorporated without using other ingredients (like corn starch) used for microencapsulation to make Vitamin D into a powder that is then put into a capsule. HPDI avoids using fillers and excipients in products whenever possible. (See A Pure Approach to Formulation for our four pillar system of supplement design).

    • Vitamin D research during the last 10 years shows an optimal amount of supplemental Vitamin D for most people of about 5,000 IU. This is what is generally needed to get blood levels of Vitamin D to the level of 50–80 ng/ml (nanograms per milliliter).

    • Non-GMO sunflower lecithin acts as an emulsifier of Vitamin D and ensures effective absorption of the Vitamin D in Vitamin D3 PLUS. In addition, the use of rice bran oil further supports absorption of fat-soluble Vitamin D. Optimizing absorption of Vitamin D is critical especially in cases of Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease (gluten intolerance), and irritable bowel syndrome.

    • Because the oils involved are susceptible to oxidation, we include Oryza rice bran oil in Vitamin D3 PLUS. Oryza rice bran oil contains significant amounts of Vitamin E (in the form of mixed tocotrienols and tocopherols) that prevents oxidation.

    • Vitamin D3 is combined with Vitamin A because they act synergistically. It is known that high dose Vitamin A without Vitamin D can cause bone loss. However, there is no observed bone loss when adequate Vitamin D (more than 2,000 IU daily) is taken together with Vitamin A. Chris Masterjohn eloquently discusses this topic in his seminal article "Vitamin A on Trial: Does Vitamin A Cause Osteoporosis" (see Weston A. Price Foundation website). Also, Masterjohn states that Vitamin A taken in conjunction with Vitamin D is necessary for proper bone remodeling. We include 1,000 IU of Vitamin A along with Vitamin D3 in Vitamin D3 PLUS.

    • Vitamin K2 (especially as Menaquinone-7) is necessary for the proper activation of bone matrix proteins by conferring upon them the physical ability to bind calcium. Chris Masterjohn has beautifully discussed this issue in his paper "On the Trail of the Elusive X-Factor: A Sixty-Two–Year-Old Mystery Finally Solved" (see Weston A. Price Foundation website). Because Vitamin K2 is needed to facilitate the function of Vitamin D in proper bone formation (including teeth), Masterjohn states that Vitamin D toxicity is most likely a case of Vitamin K2 deficiency.

    • In their book Health Benefits of Vitamin K-2, Larry M. Howard and Anthony G. Payne assert that as little as six mcg of Vitamin K2 (as MK-7) can be beneficial to the body. We therefore include 10 mcg of MK-7 per softgel in Vitamin D3 PLUS. In addition, research has shown that Vitamin K2 can help remove calcium from soft tissues in the body and instead put the calcium into bony structures. Vitamin K2 is found naturally in fermented foods such as cheeses, sauerkraut, dairy products, natto (i.e., a traditional Japanese dish of fermented soybeans), and in dairy products, eggs, and certain meats.

    • In light of recent research on Vitamin D, we recommend most people take 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily (unless there is some constraining lifestyle factor or compelling medical reason). Due to its long half-life (about 30 days) in the body, Vitamin D3 PLUS can be taken effectively in smaller doses if needed (e.g., 5,000 IU taken fewer times per week). For example, taking one capsule once per week would give a daily equivalent dose of about 714 IU (i.e., 5,000 IU divided by seven days).

    • Other nutrients ideally taken with Vitamin D3 in order to achieve maximum benefit include magnesium, calcium, zinc, and boron. These additional nutrients are included in HPDI's foundational supplements and bone formulas (Bone Jour!, Bone Guardian, and Cal/Mag Plus).

    vitamin d3 plus purity quality Testing helps ensure the purity and effectiveness of HPDI products.


    • A human being optimally produces 10,000–20,000 IU of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) when exposed to full sunlight on a significant portion of skin for about 30 minutes.

    • The body only starts to get the full benefits of Vitamin D3 after it has produced or taken orally about 5,000 IU daily.

    • In this world of sun avoidance, sun blocks, working indoors, latitudinal effects, etc. a majority of the population suffers in multiple ways from deficiency (or less than optimal levels) of Vitamin D3.

    • Vitamin D3 is actually a steroid hormone with very powerful effects and, with few exceptions, cannot be obtained in sufficient amounts from your diet.


    We at HPDI welcome questions about our products. Please use our contact webform or email your questions to: support(at)


    Dr. Hank Liers formulated Ultimate Protector as an extremely powerful, triple-action antioxidant, vitamin C, and Nrf2 activator that provides an ORAC5.0 value of 486,000 units per serving. We are aware of no other Nrf2 activator formula offering this level of total antioxidant capacity against all major types of free radicals. The formulation of Ultimate Protector, containing 29 natural, phytochemical Nrf2 activators, represents a breakthrough in antioxidant formula technology.

    Ultimate Protector is a complex and very precisely formulated product. As such, it has been generating a great deal of thoughtful inquiries from our customers. Whether or not you've tried Ultimate Protector, we invite your questions and comments for Dr. Hank Liers. We will use this page as an ongoing repository for Ultimate Protector Q&A.

    1. Have there been side effects when taking Ultimate Protector? What side effects are to be expected when taking this product?

      We are not aware of any side effects from taking Ultimate Protector. Everyone that we know who has taken the product has noted significant benefits.

    2. Does soybean hull extract contain soy/phytoestrogens?

      Black soybean hull extract contains a high percentage of polyphenols (greater than 60% and as high as 100%) including 10-45% anthocyanidins, 10-25% catechins, and 40-80% OPC. Due to the extraction processes, Ultimate Protector™ is unlikely to contain any soy protein or phytoestrogens. (see:

    3. Does CoffeeBerry contain caffeine?

      Ultimate Protector contains CoffeeBerry and a very small amount of caffeine

      A study done on CoffeeBerry extract shows a 0.44% caffeine content. Since each capsule contains 22.5 mg of the CoffeeBerry extract, the amount of caffeine per capsule is about 0.1 mg. (For more information see:

    4. I've read that corn is universally contaminated with aspergillus mold which produces the very toxic mycotoxin aflatoxin B1. There is lots of research on fungi and mycotoxins in yellow corn, but I do not know much about blue corn. Could mold be an issue?

      Ultimate Protector contains an extract of blue corn optimized for the anthocyanidin content. Due to the extraction process, it is unlikely that the final material contains any aspergillus. Also, since there is only a small amount of blue corn extract in the product (we estimate less than 5 mg per capsule), it is even more unlikely that aspergillus is a problem.

    5. Please explain how a Vitamin C molecule C6H8O6 from a NON-GMO source is different than a Vitamin C molecule from a GMO source.

      There is no DNA in a molecule of Vitamin C. The process of producing Vitamin C (see: involves using the starting material of d-glucose derived from plant materials such as corn, beets, potatoes, cassava, etc. Each of these starting materials will contain some protein that could be in part from genetically modified materials. In most cases, especially in the production of the USP grade materials used in Ultimate Protector, the protein will be completely removed. As a precaution against lingering genetically modified proteins, PCR testing is conducted (see: The Vitamin C we use in Ultimate Protector ™ has been tested using this method and is certified by independent laboratories to contain no GMOs.

    6. What is the source of your Vitamin C / ascorbic acid ingredient?

      The USP grade Vitamin C (usually greater than 99.8% pure ascorbic acid) comes from China and is certified as non-GMO. Typical sources of Vitamin C are corn, potatoes, or beets, depending upon time of year. Sometimes tapioca is the source but it is rarely available.

    7. What are the sources for your ORAC ingredients?

      Ultimate Protector contains six high-ORAC sources. Three of these (AnthoComplete®, VitaBerry® Plus, and VitaVeggie®) are mixtures of extracts from a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Below each one is listed along with website & product information:

      AnthoComplete® from Futureceuticals (™)
      CoffeeBerry® Forte from Futureceuticals (
      VitaBerry® Plus from Futureceuticals (®)
      VitaVeggie® from Futureceuticals (®)
      Resveratrol (98% min.) is derived from the Giant Knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum)
      Curcumin (95% min. curcuminoids) from Sabinsa (

    8. Are the ORAC sources organic or just non-GMO?

      Non-GMO ultimate protector ingredientsAll of our ORAC sources are non-GMO, but none claim organic, and this may be because they are extracts. More specifically, the extracting process may preclude the production of an organic result. Please consider that this is a nutritional supplement and not a food.

    9. Are the remaining ingredients organic and non-GMO?

      All Ultimate Protector ingredients are non-GMO, but not all are identified as organic.

    10. Is Ultimate Protector entirely food based?

      Yes, the entire product is food based.

    11. Are the foods in Ultimate Protector grown without chemicals?

      All of the ingredients are classified as non-GMO. All of the ingredients are in accordance with the most rigorous US Pharmacopeia (USP) standards (or equal). For most of the ingredients, our suppliers do not claim organic. This is due in part to processing. That means in certain cases, organic ingredients can no longer be claimed as organic when processed, or when mixed with other (i.e., non-organic) ingredients.

    12. From what countries are the ingredients sourced?

      The ingredients in Ultimate Protector come from many countries. For example, AnthoComplete ingredients are sourced as follows: Elderberry: Poland, Netherlands; VitaCurrant® Blackcurrant Extract: China; VitaBlue® Wild Blueberry Extract: China; VitaCherry® Sweet Cherry: Greece; Acai: Brazil; Blackberry: USA, Chile; Aronia: Poland; Raspberry: USA, Chile, Serbia, China; Black Soybean Hull Extract: China; Blue Corn Extract: China; Wild Bilberry Extract: China; Silica Dioxide: USA.VitaBerry Plus ingredients are sourced as follows: Grape Seed Extract: China; Wild Blueberry: USA, Canada, Russia; Quercetin: China; Resveratrol: China; Wild Bilberry: Sweden, Russia, Poland; Cranberry: USA, Canada; Tart Cherry: USA, Poland, Serbia; Prune: USA; Raspberry Seed: USA, Chile, China, Serbia; Strawberry: USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, China, Egypt, Serbia; Silica Dioxide: USA.

    13. What about the use of magnesium trisilicate? Is there any danger?

      Health Products Distributors, Inc., adheres to a strict policy regarding excipients allowed in our supplements. Please refer to the following on our main website:

      Magnesium trisilicate (GRAS listed) is used in oral nutritional formulations and food products as a glidant, and is generally regarded as an essentially nontoxic and non-irritant material. The US Pharmacopeia (USP) describes Magnesium trisilicate as a compound of magnesium oxide and silicon dioxide with varying proportions of water. It contains not less than 20% of magnesium oxide and not less than 45% of silicon dioxide. Magnesium trisilicate occurs as an odorless and tasteless, fine, white-colored powder that is free from grittiness, and is practically insoluble in water.

      When administered orally, magnesium trisilicate is neutralized in the stomach to form magnesium chloride and silicon dioxide; some magnesium may be absorbed. Whenever possible we use magnesium trisilicate in combination with silica as a replacement for magnesium stearate. Magnesium trisilicate is generally used as a glidant in a concentration range of 0.1%–0.75%, and is typically used at the 0.5% level.It is important not to confuse the use of magnesium trisilicate as an antacid preparation with the use in the preparation of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. For example, in Ultimate Protector™ there would be a maximum of about 2.5 mg per capsule. This amount is at least 25 times less than what is found in antacid formulations.

      Even at the much higher levels, material safety data sheets (MSDS) state that ingestion of small amounts is unlikely to cause any adverse effects. FDA lists this material as "Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS)". We consider the small amounts of magnesium trisilicate found in Ultimate Protector™ to be very safe.

    14. I've never heard of Trans-Resveratrol, but I see it is an Ultimate Protector ingredient. What is the difference between Resveratrol and Trans-Resveratrol?

      There are 2 forms of resveratrol (cis and trans).  We use the term trans-resvertrol which is most often associated with grapes, but according to common usage we could have used the more general term resveratrol as well. In our formula we use Giant Knotweed (polygonom cuspidatum) with a typical purity of over 98% resveratrol.

    15. Has Ultimate Protector been tested for heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium?

      Yes, heavy metals testing has been conducted. The results show no detectable amounts of lead (<0.116 mcg), mercury (<0.0167 mcg), and arsenic (<0.116 mcg) and insignificant amounts of cadmium (0.093 mcg) per serving (2 capsules).

    16. Does Ultimate Protector contain gluten?

      No, there is not any gluten in Ultimate Protector.

    We encourage you to submit questions and comments about Ultimate Protector™ for Dr. Hank Liers to answer! Preferably use our blog comment window below, or alternatively send us an email.

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