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Dr. Hank Liers, PhDI have written extensively regarding the benefits HPDI's PRO-C™ and Ultimate Protector™ formulas. Based upon my experience with these formulas they are among the most effective antioxidant formulas available. Both of them are included in HPDI's system of foundational supplements and work most effectively when used with multivitamins, essential fats, and superfoods. However, they also are excellent standalone formulas that can rapidly provide the body with extremely-high protection against free radicals.


We are often asked the question "which formula should I take?" My answer usually is both and I personally do this on a daily basis. Below I will briefly show why this its my answer. Below is information that shows the relationship, in terms of ingredients of the two formulas (per serving of 3 capsules daily of PRO-C and 6 capsules daily of Ultimate Protector).

Ultimate Protector


PRO-C™ (per serving of 3 "00" veggie caps)
• Buffered non-GMO Vitamin C (1,500 mg)  buffered with Ca/Mg/Zn
• Grape Extract (seed, skin, and pulp) (90 mg)
• Green Tea Extract 95% polyphenols 40% min. EGCG (90 mg)
• Glutathione - reduced (60 mg)
• N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine (NAC) (45 mg)
• R-Lipoic Acid (15 mg)
• Coenzyme B2/R5P (3 mg)
• Coenzyme B6/P5P (3 mg)
• Selenium from l-selenomethionine (30 mcg)
• Calcium (70 mg)
• Magnesium (70 mg)
• Zinc (6 mg)

Ultimate Protector™ (per serving of 6 "0" veggie caps)
• Vitamin C as non-GMO Ascorbic acid (1500 mg)
• Anthocomplete™ (135 mg)  Wild Blueberry, Wild Bilberry, Acai, Black Currant Extract, Sweet Cherry, Raspberry, Elderberry, Blackberry, Aronia, Black Soybean Hull Extract, and Blue Corn
• CoffeeBerry®Forte (135 mg)
• Vitaberry® Plus (90 mg) freeze-dried Grape Seed, Wild Blueberry, Wild Bilberry, Cranberry, Tart Cherry, Prune, Raspberry Seed, Strawberry, Trans-Resveratrol, and Quercetin
• VitaVeggie® (90 mg)  Broccoli, Broccoli Sprouts, Tomato, Kale, Carrot, Brussels Sprouts, Onion and Spinach
• Curcumin 95%  (90 mg)
• Trans-Resveratrol 98% (90 mg)
• Malic Acid (500 mg)
• Calcium (60 mg)
• Magnesium (60 mg)
• BioPerine® (7.5 mg)

The products contain 9 unique PRO-C™ ingredients, 8 unique Ultimate Protector™ ingredients, and 3 overlapping ingredients.



When PRO-C™ was first released in 1997 there were few publications available regarding Nrf2 ingredients and their benefits. The product design was based on the work of Dr. Lester Packer and his work done on the "Antioxidant Network" that shows how nutrients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Lipoic acid worked in a redox network to regenerate key nutrients in the body (see Figure 1 below)

At that time the powerful antioxidant benefits of Grape Seed Extract and Green Tea Extract were well known, but their powerful Nrf2 effects were not discovered until later. These ingredients are able to trap free radicals and conserve on the body's store of network Antioxidants. Additionally, the Nrf2 effects of NAC and Lipoic acid were not known at the time, but their powerful effects on the body were known to support the production of glutathione. Additionally, the super powerful glutathione (reduced) was included with supporting coenzymes B2 (from riboflavin 5'-phosphate) and B6 (from pyridoxal 5'-phosphate) that allow the enzymes glutathione reductase and transferase to function at a higher level.

A long list of abstracts from scientific journals shown here further support the original design of PRO-C™.


From the beginning of the design process Ultimate Protector™ was focussed on creating a highly effective Nrf2 activator formula with outstanding antioxidant effects. Our understanding was that a very broad spectrum of plant polyphenols including flavonoids, anthocyandins, oligoproanthocyanidins (OPCs), etc. would give the best results. We selected Futureceuticals Anthocomplete™, CoffeeBerry® Forte, Vitaberry® Plus, and VitaVeggie® in order to accomplish this and added Curcumin 95%, and Trans-Resveratrol 98% because of the powerful scientific findings regarding Nrf2 activation for these two ingredients. We found out later from testing that this combination of ingredients gives very high ORAC5.0 values (486,000 units/serving of 6 capsules) and works effectively against all of the primary free-radical types in the body.


Ultimate Protector vs. PRO-C Venn diagram showing unique and overlapping ingredients in PRO-C and Ultimate Protector.

Their are 29 unique NrF2 activator ingredients in Ultimate Protector and 4 non-overlapping NrF2 activator ingredients in PRO-C. Thus by taking both formulas you are able to take in 33 identifiable NrF2 activator ingredients (870 mg). The amount of unique  NrF2 ingredients is probably significantly more than this because most of the identifiable ingredients consist of a range of plant polyphenols.

Other unique ingredients of each formula include glutathione - reduced (60 mg), malic acid (500 mcg), zinc (6 mg), selenium (30 mcg), B2 (3 mg) and B6 (3 mg) from coenzyme forms, and Bioperine (7.5 mg) (for enhanced absorption of nutrients). These are important ingredients to have the formulas work more effectively together.

The overlapping ingredients in the formula include Vitamin C (3 gm - 1.5 gm from each formula), calcium (130 mg - 70 mg from PRO-C & 60 mg from U.P.), magnesium (130 mg - 70 mg from PRO-C & 60 mg from U.P.), and a little grape seed extract (~10 mg). We view this to be very positive especially because we believe that most people should take in at least 3 grams daily of Vitamin C. Equal amounts of calcium and magnesium balance each other in the body and have many important functions such as being part of critical enzymes.



The Antioxidant Miracle. Lester Packer, PhD, and Carol Coleman. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1999.


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